A group of 1957 graduates gathered together for lunch at Pearson’s Restaurant at 50th and France on May 14th 2008. In attendance  were Leonard Gisvold, Dave Hansen, Gary Thorp, Doug Erickson, Jim Ten Bensel, Tom Nyman, Bob Iversen, Forbes Martinson, Pat McGlone, Wes Moir, Ford Crouch, Dean Child, Larry Johnson, Sam Campbell, Tom Thurik, Jim Solie, Scott Anderson, Roger Peterson, Bruce Grussing, Don Gillies, Roger Freeberg, Jerry Figenskau, David Mogck, and Dave Kypke. At our 50th reunion, a  number of people suggested that we get together more often than every five years. Larry took the bull by the horns and called as many classmates as he could. When asked how he did it he said,  ”I started at the beginning of the Reunion book and proceeded toward the back”.


    Some interesting bits of news heard at the gathering: Tom Thurik,  recovering from a recent motorcycle accident, was heard discussing the “purchase” of a new motorcycle. Larry announced that Peter Kuffel was battling cancer and was in Methodist Hospital in St Louis Park. Forbes Martinson took honors with 13 children, 15 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. Roger Freeberg has retired from his Architectural career. Tom Nyman, even thou he’s been retired as a minister for a few years, is still active in guiding people through life. There are a few who still attempt to hit the white apple around the green, and four or five (snowbirds) who will head for warmer climes soon after the next gathering.


     If you weren’t contacted this time, our next luncheon is planned for 11:30 am Dec 3rd 2008. Our purpose is to renew and continue friendships established many years ago. Those in attendance choose to make the next meeting a men only meeting and there is no specific agenda or program planned. As we did this past Wednesday, we’ll go around the table and have everyone introduce themselves. Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from Ford Crouch, we felt it would be nice to have everyone who would like to, tell us about a classmate that they’ve contacted since the last gathering. It was suggested that we tell the group about someone who lives outside of the metro area so that we can “keep in touch” with classmates who can’t make the trek to the gathering.


    We would encourage all classmates to e-mail or get in touch with:

Larry said that there were many who heard of the gathering, but weren’t able to make it this time. At the next gathering we will plan on reading greetings from those who let us know what’s going on in their lives.


    Again, the date is set, the meeting place hasn’t been chosen yet. Watch this space for further announcements.

The Third Gathering:

The third gathering of the “After 50 Club” was held on May 13th, 2009 at Majors Sports Café in Bloomington. Forty plus people were in attendance, many of whom were there for the first time. A number of surprises plus the fun of seeing classmates again made for an enjoyable time.

  Carol Markham-Cousins treated us to an opportunity to learn more about what was going on at our alma mater. Carol has been the principal at Washburn for the past two years and has brought an enthusiasm and professionalism that is fast making Washburn a dynamic force in the district. We learned that only 30% of the students live in the area with the remainder coming from other parts of the city. The diversity of both students and faculty has changed considerably since we were there in the 50’s. Carol spoke of the accomplishments in academics, arts and athletics, which have once again made Washburn one of the top schools in the city. The challenges will continue and she encouraged us to get involved and support the school in any manner that appealed to us. A wish list of needs was one idea that sparked good conversation during the luncheon.

  Topping off a nice meal, a surprise dessert was in store. Karen Jarvey, (subbing for the keeper of the coin Bob Hearn,) took an oath that declared, “We shall celebrate spring in grand Cake Eater style”. The gang then dug in and enjoyed cake “The Breakfast of Champions”

  Larry Johnson then delivered his first quiz of the semester which tested our memories of who was best, who played what, and who taught what. I seem to remember one person got 9 out of 10 questions correct. Some of the answers brought great argument from the multitudes. Our memories are still sharp; it’s just that the facts seem different than reality.

  In our usual tradition everyone brought us up to date on what has transpired since our last gathering. The “Tucson Girls” waxed eloquent about their trip, dozens of grandchildren were reported, more retirements were celebrated, snowbirds returned from the south, 50 year wedding anniversaries were announced, weight was reported lost, trips to all points of the globe were talked about, both past and in the future, Forbes was welcomed back after a brief stay in the hospital, a card for Peter Kuffel was signed by all and sent off to wish him a speedy recovery, and the passing of Bruce Swanson in April was announced.

  The committee is planning a noon picnic on a Wednesday in August. Place and time will soon be announced. If you’d like to help, Larry Johnson 763-494-5624 would welcome your input. Our December gathering will be held Wednesday December 2, 2009. Save the date. Place and other specifics will be coming in the future.

  Thanks to all who helped on another enjoyable gathering of the “After 50 Club”. We look forward to seeing you next time.